What is a bikespot?


Bikespot - a designated spot to rest, re-group, fix a flat or just chill for a moment. Bikespots will be identified by a bikekind sign (which is in the works). People may purchase signs to support the bikekind tribe. Put a sign in your yard and show cyclists they are welcome to chill in your yard without fear of getting shouted at, run off or harassed by vehicles. "Do unto others as you would like done unto you" applies here.  If you need to pull off the road for a moment and make a phone call, rest, check your gears, check tire pressure, answer a text or whatever it may be, when you see a "bikekind" sign, you know that you, as a bike rider, are welcome at the sign. Don't take advantage of the "bikekind" host and walk all over their yard or trample their landscaping, stay by the sign and extend the same courtesy the tribe member has given you. Most importantly, get out of the road or trail and don't impede the flow of other users. It's all about respect. Practice respect and it shall return ten fold.